ROBB WHITTLEF is the co-founder & president of HISTORIC studio, which represents a culmination of over 25 years in the design industry. Robb is continually looking to broaden his understanding of home furnishings at every level of the industry, from owning retail stores to designing products and luxury interiors. He has a profound understanding and passion for design & architecture of all time periods. A "do-gooder," Robb is involved in numerous charities, and is an avid art collector with pieces literally stacked to the ceiling of his office.
MIKE WHITTLEF is the co-founder & vice president of HISTORIC studio. Mike holds a degree in accounting from the Carlson School of Management and an inactive CPA designation. He transitioned from a public accounting firm to work with his brother, and they have been in business together for more than twenty years. Mike brings a high degree of integrity and transparency to the financial side of client projects. He is an avid outdoorsman, as well as an active racquetball & pickleball player.
SHARON SEITZ began her career in the design industry working for the iconic American furniture maker Herman Miller. Her time there indoctrinated the design philosophy she lives by - form follows function. Because above all else, if a space doesn't allow you to live in it the way you intended, then it is just another room in the house. She joined HISTORIC studio in 2008 and has worked on countless diverse projects since then. Her experience with numerous large-scale builds and remodels has provided her with a wealth of practical and valuable expertise. Sharon has an intrinsic passion for design and a driving desire to help others. She is known for her efficient, client-first attitude, and exceptionally chic yet functional design selections. Sharon is a mother of two whose husband works in the financial industry. Sharon has a truly unique eye for luxury in all capacities (her discerning taste in interior furnishings is rivaled only by her terrific taste in handbags).
KATIE RUHBERG came on board HISTORIC studio in July of 2018 with 12 years of experience in high end design. Katie has been part of projects across the U.S. in both new-builds and remodels.  She is a Minnesota native and graduated with a B.S. in Science, Engineering and Technology, with an emphasis in Construction Management and Interior Design. Katie has an innate talent and passion for the construction aspect of design, and has demonstrated the ability to design and lead large scale-projects from beginning to end.
Outside of her career, Katie spends time with her family, nieces and nephew, and friends. She enjoys hiking the North Shore and weekend getaways at the family lake home in Two Harbors. 
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