BROOKE MCNATT is the co-owner & CEO of HISTORIC Studio. With her degree in Interior Design and her natural eye for high design, Brooke is leading the retail management of the store while also taking on design projects. Brooke has worked very closely with our senior designer, Sharon, for multiple years. She is passionate about creating spaces that you never want to leave. It's important to Brooke that she is consistently continuing to educate herself to always be learning about the ever changing design industry. For Brooke, traveling is an important part of gaining inspiration and understanding design. Her two biggest loves in her life are her husband and her dog, Zoey - who you may get to meet if you stop by the studio.
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ANGELA ALVIG is the co-owner and COO of HISTORIC Studio. Using her 20+ years’ experience as a CPA, Angela manages the financial and project management side of interior design projects.  She also leads the Concierge and Home “Clear Out” services provided to Historic Studio clients, ensuring exceptional service delivery that exceeds their expectations.  In addition to Historic Studio, Angela runs a business she founded called Simplify Wealth, where she acts as Personal CFO for her clients – a trusted advisor who proactively manages their finances and their life.  In all of her businesses, Angela is passionate about helping clients, applying her unique combination of financial expertise and interpersonal skills to simplify their lives and reduce their stress.  Angela lives in Medina with her husband, two teenagers, and one energetic goldendoodle, Benny.
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SHARON SEITZ began her career in the design industry working for the iconic American furniture maker Herman Miller. Her time there indoctrinated the design philosophy she lives by - form follows function. Because above all else, if a space doesn't allow you to live in it the way you intended, then it is just another room in the house. She joined HISTORIC studio in 2008 and has worked on countless diverse projects since then. Her experience with numerous large-scale builds and remodels has provided her with a wealth of practical and valuable expertise. Sharon has an intrinsic passion for design and a driving desire to help others. She is known for her efficient, client-first attitude, and exceptionally chic yet functional design selections. Sharon is a mother of two whose husband works in the financial industry. Sharon has a truly unique eye for luxury in all capacities (her discerning taste in interior furnishings is rivaled only by her terrific taste in handbags).